Bubbliest-proxy-one more proxy up the sleeve

Written on 2:52 AM by LuckyMurari

Bubbliest Proxy is one another proxy that you have to add to list of your weapons to overcome those imposing officials may be at your school or at your office.The bubbliest proxy is a very fast proxy as I see from its performance and helps you in accessing the blocked sites at a faster speed.

More proxy options are available to you on adding this yet another secure proxy so that you may use in case any pone of them is blocked.

Tech Hunt - Don't hunt for WinXP tricks

Written on 2:31 AM by LuckyMurari

Techhunt is a blog well maintained with loads of Windows related info at your doorstep.This kewl site provides you lots of tips and tricks related not only to XP but also to Windows Vista and other desktop related tips and tricks.

This blog is well organised into different categories of Windows XP, IE ,Windows Live,News,Windows Vista, Office 2K7,Networking, Hardware,Software and other Miscellaneous information.You will surely have a lot of fun by stumbling onto their site.

You can register for a free account on the site to get many more priveleges which you can't miss at all.

Lumisade.net Free proxy Listing Site

Written on 10:08 AM by LuckyMurari

Lumisade.net is one of those sites which tries to reduce the hassle of people behind school or office networks by doing Proxy-listing services.It also provides you with a Proxy-Topsites list, which enables you to experience the fastest and best proxies in the trade.You can also opt-in on the site to get fresh proxies list delivered to your inbox.So even if one of those top Anonymous-Proxy sites are blocked, you can always opt gfor another one.And the best thing is , it offers all these servicesfor free :)

Incase you are an owner of an Anonymous-proxy , then you can submit your proxy site there to get free advertisement and traffic to your proxy service .This great service looks like has picked up only recently and hence has 32 proxies in its network.So what you wait for?Go and help this great site by reciprocating your link love and link exchanges :)

Slide-Make a slide show for your website or MySpace profile

Written on 1:42 AM by LuckyMurari

Today I am gonna discuss about Slide.com .Slide is a nice site offering you customized slide shows made from your pics.You can create a free account at slide or you can also create a slide show as being a guest.It allows you ro upload your pics to make them into a slide show.There are a lot of transition effects,backgrounds,themes offered to customize your slide show into one that's incredible.You can add taglines to each slide.After creating a slide you have the option to share it with your friends.You can also add them to your MySpace,Xanga etc profiles,websites,blogs etc.If you are a prolific user of net ,like blogging,community sites etc. you got to go to this site.

Stumble Upon-Learn to stumble

Written on 8:34 AM by LuckyMurari

Have you ever been a member of those social tagging sites like Digg,del.icio.us etc?Then teach your browser to stumble-yeah stumble up on sites....Stumble Upon is a social tagging site with a different approach.Here you can install stumble upon toolbar clicking on which it shows sites rated good by users of it in your areas of interest.But I am warning you it's addictive.It shows a lot of nice sites in your fields of interest and helps you in discovering many more new sites.If you are feeling bored and want some real good sites you got to use this.Enjoy the power of STUMBLING

Pageflakes-Have you had your flakes???

Written on 7:15 AM by LuckyMurari

I am very late at posting but atleast I am posting once in a while.Coming to the point-you people might have heard a lot of times about personalised homepages.Today I am going to introduce you to a very famous and a very good site.The site is Pageflakes.This site offers you snippets of some sites in the form of flakes.From here,you can access all your intenet.The interface of the site is excellent and one more excellent feature here is you can add extra pages and can see them in the form of tabs so that you don't have a cluttered or long page.If you are a regular visitor to some particular sites you can add them to your flakes and enjoy the experience.

Map yourself with Waysharing

Written on 8:14 AM by LuckyMurari

Waysharing is a site offering with personalised maps to share with your friends,explore others' maps and connect with them.Of course there have been other mapsharing sites but waysharing is easier to use.It has all the features of web2.0 services.You got to experience it to enjoy it.